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Zoom! In-Office Whitening

Perfected by research. Proven in millions of smiles worldwide.


Imagine lightening your teeth six to 10 shades in about an hour and half.

Yambil Dental Care uses the latest Zoom! WhiteSpeed in-office tooth whitening. It's an amazing system that uses a full-mouth bleaching light combined with a revolutionary 25 percent hydrogen peroxide, light-activated gel.

There's no faster, better way to get your teeth lightened. Plus, you have the confidence of knowing your teeth whitening procedure will be performed by a dentist.

Zoom is the culmination of extensive research into light technology, chemical reaction to light, and years of traditional tooth-whitening experience.

The Zoom teeth whitening procedure explained

We start each Zoom teeth whitening procedure by taking a photo of your teeth, so you can see the ‘before and after’ effect of the procedure. During the consultation, we also allow time to make top up trays to further maintain your whiter teeth at home.

  • Step one:
    The dentist will prepare your mouth for the Zoom teeth whitening procedure. He’ll apply moisturising cream to your lips, place cheek retractors in your mouth and apply protective gauze & masking gel around your teeth, so only they come onto contact with the bleaching gel.
  • Step two:
    After applying a Hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, the Zoom teeth whitening process really begins. A light source is locked into place and activates the gel during three cycles, taking up 45 minutes in total. After each cycle, the colour is assessed and fresh gel is applied for the next one.
  • Step three:
    After the final cycle, all the gel is removed and your new, whiter smile is revealed!

Zoom Teeth Whitening

The benefits of Zoom teeth whitening

• Zoom teeth whitening gives you instant results
• Zoom teeth whitening is a low sensitivity procedure
• Zoom teeth whitening has long lasting effects
• Zoom teeth whitening is safe, as it is performed by a professional dentist