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Yambil Dental Care prides itself in owning 4 operating microscopes in our surgeries + a Mantis microscope used exclusively in our laboratory.

With the help of an operating microscope, dental procedures can be performed more accurately and more reliably using variable and adjustable magnifications and shadow-free light due to a coaxial radiating light source. This proves extremely useful in many areas of general dentistry, including endodontics, restorative dentistry, and oral surgery. Microscopic dentistry is also highly beneficial during cosmetic procedures where slight changes can have a dramatic impact on the overall outcome.

Zeiss Opmi Pro-Ergo

In general, magnification can be between 2.5 and 24 times, thereby expanding the diagnostic options due to better lighting and sight. For example, most fissure caries and microfractures cannot be seen with the naked eye. With the aid of a microscope it is even possible to view down to the apex of a straight root canal.

Zeiss Opmi Pro-Ergo

Furthermore, our dentists can better counsel and educate patients. With a video camera attached to the dental microscope, the images can be recorded directly. This greatly simplifies the counseling of patients because, as we all agree, sometimes an image says more than a thousand words.

Zeiss Opmi Pico


More information about our microscopes here:

Zeiss Opmi - Pro Ergo

Leica M320

Leica HM500 Dental Microscope

Zeiss Opmi - Pico

Vision Engineering Mantis Microscope